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Inlines & Gravity Tracks

AFM's Vibratory Inlines and Gravity Tracks allow the parts from the feeder bowl's discharge to be held in a confinement for ready availability for the next operation. Gravity Tracks can be fabricated to fit into small hard to get to areas, or may be curved to go from the feeder bowl to a farther away station. They both are custom machined and designed to maintain part orientation and feed rate. We offer gravity tracks in a variety of lengths and widths to fit each application in a custom manner. High-speed sensors are available to help maintain the proper part level at the discharge point of each product. Vibratory inlines are straight and are powered by their own drive base unit. Vibratory inlines are also offered in a variety of sizes, lengths, and widths and depending on the project can become their own production cell. Ask for details!



AFM's feeder bowl stands and our variety of risors are fabricated from heavy gauge structural tubing and are MIG welded to maintain the maximum stability. Risors and stands occupy minimum floor space and can be placed in close proximity to the operating system. In certain cases, risors and stands feature thick steel top and bottom plates and heavy duty leveling feet. We also offer machinery-integrated risors, hydraulic adjustable risors and pedestal risors. All stands and risors are not only designed and fabricated per application but are also available in custom specified paint.


Sound EnclosuresSound Enclosures

Our custom built sound enclosures are specifically designed to contain and absorb noise. OSHA approved sound decibel levels are obtained by utilizing acoustical foam and or plastic inside the steel frame.

We can fabricate your custom sound enclosure to fit around products such as feeder bowls to complete part handling systems. For operator convenience, AFM uses quick removable panels, hinged doors and top covers, and designs that are easily mounted and modified. We can also custom fabricate your sound enclosure to include lexan doors and windows. Sound enclosures are built to be not only durable but also lightweight and cost effective.

Fire resistant and oil resistant foam, and customer specified paint is available upon request.



AFM tables are constructed of MIG welded structural tubing frames with a variety of top plates, leveling feet, and cross bracing. Options of top plates include standard square, rectangular, as well as irregular shapes, and are mostly constructed of hot roll steel, aluminum, or precision ground mild steel. All top plates are welded to the frame to decrease secondary vibration and aid in the efficiency and effectiveness of the feeder bowl and inlines. AFM offers a variety of styles including hydraulic lifting tables, adjustable tables, multi-tier, and lift-and-roll tables. Other options include blanche grounded top plates, heavy-duty casters, shelving, mounting requirements, brackets, doors, covers, guards, and any other requested custom requirements including customer-specified paint.



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