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Vibratory Feeder Bowls

Vibratory feeder bowls (VFB) are one of the most adaptable types of parts-handling equipment in the industrial world today. Feeder bowls are the heart of many automatic production machines. Their purpose is to enhance the relationship between the operator and their machines by increasing production rates and quality of the finished products. Our craftsmen design and fabricate systems to meet your individual needs, from multi-part feeding systems, high feed rates, down to the small intricate details for show quality products. Feeder bowls range from 6" to 42" in diameter. They are constructed mostly of 304 or 316 (surgical grade) stainless steel and are delivered with only the highest polish available. Feeder bowls can handle a multitude of part sizes, dry or oily. They occupy small floor space and are safe and efficient, Vibratory Feeder Bowlincreasing production rates as much as 300%. Feeder bowls eliminate the hand selection / inspection / assembly process and are built from the concept of orientating, feeding, selecting, and sorting parts in the most cost effective manner. They feed randomly selected parts from a bulk supply and arrange them in the customer-specified orientation. Guards can be fabricated to ensure safety where needed and enclosures can also be requested to assure clean operator areas. They are dependable; durable means in operations such as inspection, assembly, sorting, selecting, packaging, counting, and other various production lines and machines.

Nothing is too difficult to feed or design!

Feeder bowls are mounted on a drive base unit (DBU). The drive base unit vibrates the feeder bowl and allows the parts to move either clockwise or counter-clockwise up the tracks towards the tooling and discharge of the feeder bowl. Due to the various amounts and styles of parts, customers can request a Quick Dump (QD) to be fabricated into the tooling which allows easy operator part change over. At the discharge area, replaceable tooling sections can be offered for areas of high wear. Tooling can also be fabricated to be interchangeable or adjustable to accommodate many different styles and sizes of parts. Feeder bowls can be designed with a multitude of individual additions all built around the customers specific project needs. Some feeder bowls are designed with multiple discharge tracks for higher feed rates.  Other feeder bowls are manufactured to have provisions for part qualifying and gauging (i.e.) possibly sorting out scrap, while others are built with the job of aiding in the sorting out of over and under sized parts in mind. afm offers different concepts and styles of feeder bowls all with the customers needs at the top of the list. For example: some feeder bowls are fabricated to feed slightly oily parts. The advantage of this may be to eliminate the wash process before the next production cell. This and many different features may be added to meet your exact feeding requirement. Just ask!


CoatingsUrethane Coated Feeder Bowl

Coatings are available on feeder bowls, trays, hoppers, and inlines. Coatings can enhance feeding capabilities, aid in the protection of the feeder bowl and the finished product / parts, and promote sound abatement.

AFM is continually evaluating coating methods and new lining options. We are proud to offer the following: Hard Chroming and Nickel plating are used in high wear factor situations. Other coating materials used are 3M(r) Brushlon, Dupont(r) Teflon, Epoxy, Halar, Nucrel, Nylon, Polyester, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Sermatech, Silicon Rubber, and Surlyn. Many other standard and nontypical coatings are available upon request.



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